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We’re about helping women feel like hotties, no matter their shape, size or age.

Mimi Kini is an Aussie grown swimwear label founded by partners and designers, Sid Pattni and Madalin Frodsham. With backgrounds in fashion design and fine arts, Madalin and Sid have sought to create a swimwear label that is for every woman. 

Countless hours have been spent sourcing quality fabrics and creating unique designs, because at the end of the day, every woman should feel confident, inside and out. We believe that bikini bodies come in a range of shapes and sizes and we want to celebrate that. 

Mimi Kini is dedicated to our puppy Mimi, who brought love, joy and happiness to everyone she met. 

Kini's that are made with love

Mimi Kini's are proudly made in Indonesia. We take a lot of care in producing our garments and it is really important to us that the team behind our kini's are sewing them with happiness in their hearts. Our production team is comprised of highly skilled pattern makers and sewers. This amazing team works tirelessly to make sure your kini is fitted just for you. Because of this, they also receive a massage in the factory every week which is compulsory. Shhh don't tell anyone.