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Who made my clothes?

Mimi Kini has always sought out to create products with care and detail. Our supply chain is a vital extension of us and we have actively sought out partners who’s procedures and working conditions are above board.

Pattern cutters meticulously cutting fabric for our new collection.

As a brand, we have always prioritised working with likeminded suppliers that share our vision of high quality, sustainably sourced swimwear. We have fostered close relationships with our partners, supporting each other through the growth of our brand and would be nowhere without them.


Our new collection is made from recycled fabric, which is created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials.  


Made with love.

We recently visited our new manufacturing partners in China to ensure that all procedures and working conditions were above board.

Located in Guangzhou, our products are produced by a family run business that specialises in swim and activewear. Working alongside business in Australia and the United States, they have a workforce of approximately 60 workers across pattern, sampling, sewing, finishing and quality control.

One of our sewers working on the production of our new collection

The quality control process ensures that all our products are finished with a high level of detail and workmanship. 


Sustainable & ethical. 

The company's commitment to fair work practices is supported by yearly audits in line with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). They also source all of our recycled fabric which is created from discarded plastic bottles. During the visit, we reviewed countless samples for our upcoming collections, meticulously going through colours, stitches and cuts. After measuring and fitting these are signed off for production.

Maddy making final design changes for our new collection. 


Just a couple of dorks who run Mimi Kini. Nothing to see here. 

We are committed to being transparent and open about the way in which we produce our products. We are also committed to making sure we have a positive impact on the environment within all areas of our business. If you have any questions about our procedures, work practices or supply chain please send us an email: