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The state of female body confidence

Recently, the Dove Global Beauty & Confidence Report interviewed over 10,000 women across 13 countries. What was their aim? They wanted to look deeper into the current state of female body confidence around the world and what they found was worrying. The investigation concluded that falling female body confidence has become a serious issue around the world, and points to pressure from the media – especially social media – as a major source of blame.

Here are some key takeaways from the report:

Dr Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School has stated that women's body confidence has become a critical issue:

“We need to help empower women and girls in many ways, including increasing body-confidence education, driving meaningful conversations around the pressures women and girls face, and advocating for change in how females and their appearance are talked about and portrayed in the media."

The good news is that women are reshaping the way in which we look at body image.

The report reveals there is a pro-active desire among women to challenge existing beauty norms. A total of 71% of women and 67% of girls want to call on the media to do a better job portraying women of diverse physical appearance, age, race, shape and size.

Mimi Kini has always strongly believed that how you look on the outside does not, and should not determine your worth as a human being. This research is proof that a lot more work needs to be done in this space. We strongly believe that all women need to know that their bodies are beautiful and we’re committed to reshaping the conversation.