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Mimi Muse #4: Tallulah Moon

We've been crushing on Tallulah Moon for a long time. She's a style blogger, self love advocate and Mama of two. How does she do it!? Yeah we have no idea either. We recently sat down for a chat with her and talked about everything from body acceptance to being raised by hippies. Check our chat below.

Mimi Kini: You take the most gorgeous bikini photos, have you always been so comfortable with your body?  

Tallulah: Mostly yes. I think there’s been periods of time, like after having my kids, when I had to learn to accept and love my body again so I could feel comfortable with my body. But mostly throughout my life I’ve been comfortable in my skin.

Mimi Kini: You’re a mum with two kids, how do you take the time to practice self care?      

Tallulah: It’s definitely tricky that’s for sure! I try to take time out as much as possible, usually going for a walk on the beach by myself or grabbing a coffee by myself. But as a Mama it’s honestly so hard to remember to make time for self care! I have to remind myself all the time! 

'I’ve always loved being naked and felt confident and comfortable in my was never sexual or taboo in our house, it was natural'.

Mimi Kini: You love getting nudie! How does being naked impact your confidence? 

Tallulah: I’ve always loved being naked and felt confident and comfortable in my nudity. I’d say that’s down to being raised by hippies, nudity was never sexual or taboo in our house, it was natural. I think sharing my nudity on social media has brought with it a whole other level of confidence though, it really made me confront every part of my body and learn COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE of this vessel I’m in. 

Mimi Kini: Do you believe we need to embrace our bodies to be happy? 

Tallulah: Yes definitely! I’m a big believer in complete self acceptance, both physical and mental leading to true happiness. Once we can love and accept ourselves exactly as we are, we can then grow and become the best possible version of ourselves. 

Mimi Kini: What advice would you give anyone who doesn't feel comfortable in their own skin or hasn't embraced their body yet?    

Tallulah: I think the best thing you can do on your journey to true self love and acceptance is change your inner dialogue about yourself. As you notice the way you think about yourself you can start replacing the negative and self hating thoughts with more positive and loving thoughts. It’s definitely a process! And it takes as long as it takes, but be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself and remember you are so WORTHY of loving yourself! 

Thanks for enlightening chat, babe! You can follow all things Tallulah here