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Mimi Muse #2: Carianne Older

Carianne is a Miami-based photographer who takes badass photos of predominantly women. In this one-on-one we chat about everything from the importance of female friendships to lovin' your eyebrows!

Mimi Kini: Is it difficult being a female photographer in a male-dominated industry?

Carianne: Yes it is! I started shooting because I was sick of modelling for men. I was completely over it, tired of it, and bored of doing it. So my old boss gave me a generous Christmas bonus and I went on eBay that evening to buy my one and only camera - it's been game over ever since. It's actually easier as a female photographer to get work. I mainly shoot ladies, and every woman who's ever shot with me tells me how comforting it is that I am a woman. Women understand each other on a deeper level, it's never surface level when its lady to lady. I just get how a female wants to be portrayed on camera.

Mimi Kini: Have you always been so confident in your skin? What would you tell the teenage Carianne?

Carianne: I actually have been. I have genuinely always been my biggest advocate. My parents have always cheered me on and supported me as a creative person since I was a kid, which definitely helped. Something I hear a lot from friends or clients is that I exude confidence. I would tell the teenage Carianne not to worry, that'll it'll all work out in the long run & not to be afraid of plans, they always change along the way anyways. 

Mimi Kini: We see you shoot with lots of chicky babes. Why do you think female friendships are important?

Carianne: Half of my models are my best friends, I have a close knit group of girls that I like to work with. Having chemistry is super important when shooting, the better you know someone the most impact the photos will have. Being friends with the people I shoot is really important, I love to build these relationships because that's how I continue to do this as a full time job.

'Look in the mirror every day and say to yourself "I'm that bitch". That's worked for me!'

Mimi Kini: It can be a nerve wracking experiencing getting your photo taken. What are your tips for being confident and owning it in front of the lens?

CarianneWell, my number one piece of advice is if you are a woman, work with other women photographers. Being confident in yourself comes with having your photo taken. I love to compliment others, I think that's a form of confidence. Look in the mirror every day and say to yourself "I'm that bitch". That's worked for me! 

Mimi Kini: What do you love most about your body and why?

Carianne: My eyebrows! They are so amazing and unique, I think they tie my whole look together. I look just like my dad, we have the same eyebrows haha.

You can find more of Carianne's amazing work here